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Cheese Products

We milk about 55 goats and 30 sheep in the summer. These animals milk about 700ml – 1 l
per day, of which only 10% goes into making goat cheese and about 20% of the sheep's milk.
Our goat cheeses are unique and unlike any other Icelandic cheese, produced from the
premium milk of our goats that roam free in the mountains of Tröllaskagi, by the outer
Our goats are fed pulp from the brewery Segull in Siglufjörður and thus participate in the
circular economy, otherwise the pulp would be discarded. The goats are not fed hay, but
farmer Jóhannes gets them newly cut grass with fragrant sturgeon and rice, and the milk is
infused by all these wonders. Icelandic goats are on the extinction list as food. This original
breed is unique in the world and has adapted to the weather and vegetation of our island
through the centuries. By making valuable products from goat´s milk, we help to maintain
this unique breed.
The milk from sheep is unique for making cheese, both fat and high in protein. Very few
Icelandic farmers milk their sheep and we are the only farm in Iceland that makes cheese at
home, on the farm itself.

Our Cheese

Our top-selling cheese is Brúnó, which is a hard cheese aged for at least three months. It is soaked in IPA beer from a nearby brewery for 24 hours during the aging process, giving it a hint of caramelized notes. Brúnó is great on its own or used in cooking.

Our Havarty cheese follows a traditional Danish recipe but is made with goat milk instead of cow milk. It is a mild, semi-hard, and creamy cheese that we also produce with mixed herbs.

Inspired by the famous Greek feta, our Fljóti cheese is perfect for summery salads or baked with honey. It is a salad cheese with a refreshing taste.

Þöll is a mixed sheep and goat milk cheese that is aged for a minimum of six months. It is a hard cheese with a strong, sharp flavor.